OCTOBER 23, 24, 25

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What is KamCon?

The latest annual gaming and pop culture convention on the scene run by Kamloops Conventions, home grown right here in Kamloops BC!

#KamCon20 is the perfect place for both new and seasoned gamers! We boast a massive selection of pen and paper games for you to try out as well as workshops & panels for both experienced and beginning players and DMs.

While you’re exploring KamCon, drop by our board game library to try fun and unique games with new and old friends alike.

During our unique 2020 COVID-19 friendly event, every bit of KamCon20 will be digital. Play games and enjoy our artists and panels from the comfort and safety of your own homes for no charge at all.

Roll Initiative!

Special Guests

2020 Best RPG Ennie Award winner

Andrew Gaska

Creator of Ultramodern Sourcebooks for D&D

Chris Dias

Creator of Xcrawl, several Dungeon Crawl Classics modules, Goodman Games staffer and DCC guru

Brendan LaSalle

Founding member of The Sons of the Singularity who have produced sourcebooks for Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu and D&D5e

Jason Sheets

Creator and Artist of critically acclaimed “The Mutant Epoch”

William McAusland


Here is our schedule of games and entertainment!


A glimpse of KamCon 19

We can't wait to see what's in store for 2020!



Nuclear Tiger




Steampunk Girl


Thank you KamCon for donating all of your Silent Auction proceeds towards Safe Suites!

Safe Suites is a community project that will provide safe supportive housing for youth ages 18-24 experiencing homelessness. It will act as a bridge from systems or the streets to help youth transcend homelessness.

Youth's basic needs will be met and they will be supported as they stabilize and transition to permanent housing.
Katherine McParland
Executive Director - A Way Home Kamloops

2020 Sponsors

2020 partners

Freudian Slips

The Freudian Slips is the hottest Improvised Comedy Troupe in Kamloops! We bring monthly improv shows to the city in four distinct improv styles.

A Way Home Kamloops

We are dedicated to preventing and ending youth homelessness in Canada. We inspire and enable communities and all levels of government to organize, plan and implement strategies to address youth homelessness in a coordinated, measurable and impactful way.

Let's Go!

Let's Go formed in Barriere BC in 2018. After discovering forbidden cheese, we anguished for months, debating if such a cheese was meant to be consumed by mere mortal men. Did we ever eat the cheese? You decide. https://fanlink.to/-LETS-GO https://www.facebook.com/letsgoCA/

Amtgard LARP

Amtgard is a world-wide organization dedicated to medieval and fantasy combat sports and recreation. We use padded weapons, fantasy and authentic clothing, and imagination to immerse players in a world of heroic combat, quests, crafts, and more. No matter if your interest is competitive sports fighting, finding an outlet for your creative talents, or honing your leadership skills, Amtgard has something to offer you!

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